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  1. Say Goodnight


Say Goodnight

You won’t find many heroes
On this side of town
But if you looking for some comfort
These are men out loud
Cheap wine and whiskey, ain’t all they need
When the bottle gets empty
Man they don’t say please

So just say goodnight
Oh, Get along, Get along home
Yeah (cause) it’s way after Midnight
Oh Get along, Get along home

Is it your guilty little conscience?
That you’re thinking of
We all know a little something
About the sale of love
You get there by inches
As the days unwind
And then it’s too late baby
We can’t turn back the hands of time

You sit there staring at your coffee
Do you think you’ll find
A way back there in the distance
When you were in your prime
When you look at reflection
If all you see
Is the face of a washed up loser
That’s all you’re ever gonna be